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Anne and Mike

Should you give a guy a second chance? That’s a question Anne asked herself when she and Mike reconnected five years after their work romance ended. Tune in to find out what happened when she decided to give their long-distance relationship a try again.


Penny and Jay

Is it possible to find love when you least expect it? Penny is a teacher in her 40s who’d given up on online dating. When the pandemic hit, she got creative and used her passion for cosplay to uplift her students. She never imagined where this act of kindness would lead her.


Special Episode: Returning to Dating After Years Away

In this special episode, Jodi and her guest, online dating coach Erika Ettin, delve into the truth of what it’s like for women in midlife to date online. Do you want to boost your digital dating skills and confidence? Learn how to get started, the best mindset to have, successful strategies for you to use, how men online think, and much more.


Lexi and Sam

Some women know exactly what they want in a life partner. Lexi spent years running her successful company. With the little free time she had to date, she never wavered from the list of qualities she wanted in a soulmate. Was Sam the man she was seeking? Find out.


Jessica and Sean

Can your intuition steer your wrong? In our Season 3 premiere, Jessica discloses what happened after she took a chance and asked her cat’s veterinarian on a date. Sean and Jessica seemed compatible at first. Then she made a shocking discovery.


Why Men Don’t Reply

Men on the dating app you’re using catch your eye. You swipe right and message them, but don’t hear back. It can be so frustrating! Why don’t men reply? Here are some of the reasons.


Overcome Shame and Fall in Love

Even the most successful, confident, attractive, self-aware, and sociable people have insecurities about their lovability. Deep-seated shame can make dating and relationships difficult no matter who you are. Fortunately, there are ways to overcome shame and develop unbreakable love for yourself and others.


Taking Care of You

Recent months have unleashed an unanticipated wave of stress, uncertainty, and outrage. Your body yearns for your attention, compassion and touch to help her cope and rejuvenate. She’s tired of being abandoned. It’s time to take care of you.


Speak the Lingo

Be up-to-date on the latest terms, acronyms and innuendos with our Modern Day Dating Dictionary.

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