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Love Begins with You

Love Begins with You

To receive the love you’re seeking, you must first be in love with you. Self-love is more than just taking care of your appearance. It’s about taking care of your emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical health. Self-love makes you stronger, healthier, and opens up new possibilities. Here are tips for how to accept and love yourself fully. Remember, love begins with you!

Reinvent herself in her 50s

Chloe and David

After her 24-year marriage ended, Chloe was unsure of her identity and purpose. With her kids now adults, she found the courage to move across the country and start her life anew. In our Season 3 finale, Chloe shares how she reinvented herself in her early 50s. She met David soon after the pandemic began, learned about herself as she got to know him, and ultimately recognized that she’s a badass.

Right partner is for you

Isabel and Zane

It’s said that you need to know yourself before you can know who the right partner is for you. Isabel returns to the podcast to talk about how the unexpected happened when she focused on her own personal growth and embraced her vulnerabilities.

Valentines Day as a Single Woman

How to Enjoy Love on Valentine’s Day as a Single Woman

This year, ignore the hype and rewrite the script for Valentine’s Day. Look inward and celebrate the fabulous woman you are! We’ve got fun self-care suggestions for you and terrific tips for how to spread your love to the people you care about.

Can I Trust Him?

Special Episode: Can I Trust Him?

“Can I trust him?” is a question that most every woman asks herself after starting to date a new man. If the answer is “No,” the relationship is doomed to fail. That’s why it’s important that you look for “trust clues” early on. In this special episode, Jodi’s guest, relationship coach Gail Weiner, LMFT, identifies critical trust clues for you to detect in dating profiles, early communications and on first dates so you are better able to answer that question straight away.


Lexi and Jerome

Are you able to sense true chemistry and connection from texts, calls, and virtual dates? Or can you only sense true chemistry in person? Lexi returns to talk about her date with Jerome. After lots of phone conversations, she had already imagined a future with him. And then they met. Was she right? Find out.


Speak the Lingo

Be up-to-date on the latest terms, acronyms and innuendos with our Modern Day Dating Dictionary.

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