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Season 4

wonder whether you'll meet a man

Janine and Kevin

Do you wonder whether you’ll ever meet a man who is the right partner for the woman you’ve become? Janine did. She’d left her quarter-of-a-century marriage. When the pandemic began eight years later, she had a successful career and the wisdom that comes from decades of self-development. On our Season 4 finale, Janine shares how she approached dating as an adventure, came close to giving up on her search, and took a series of remarkable risks that has led her to the love she was seeking.

Season 3

Reinvent herself in her 50s

Chloe and David

After her 24-year marriage ended, Chloe was unsure of her identity and purpose. With her kids now adults, she found the courage to move across the country and start her life anew. In our Season 3 finale, Chloe shares how she reinvented herself in her early 50s. She met David soon after the pandemic began, learned about herself as she got to know him, and ultimately recognized that she’s a badass.

Season 2

Season 1

 Rose and Jared

Rose and Jared

“Epic” is the best way to describe Rose’s first date with Jared. For our Season 1 ending episode, we bring you a magical tale about self-love, immediate attraction, taking risks and living in the moment. It’s not to be missed!

Podcast by Season