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Lexi and Jerome

Can you sense true chemistry and connection from texts, calls, and virtual dates? Or can you only sense true chemistry in person? Lexi returns to talk about her date with Jerome. After lots of phone conversations, she had already imagined a future with him. And then they met. Was she right? Find out.


Turning Rejection into a Catalyst for Love

The fear of rejection can be the number one hurdle to finding and creating fulfilling relationships. But it doesn’t have to be. Instead of being stymied by it, you can turn rejection into a catalyst for finding self-actualization and love. Here’s how.


Juliana and Dan

When there’s not a pandemic going on, New Year’s Eve is all about celebrating with others. Juliana had a New Year’s Eve date with a man who talked a good game, but did he follow through? Listen to find out how she handled what happened.


Ruth and Mark

Blind dates can be a good way to meet men. Sometimes people make presumptions about who they’re going out with based on what they know about the person who made the introduction. When a friend set Ruth up with Mark, she made a lot of assumptions about him that turned out to be very wrong.


Jamie and Barb

Dating has slowed down because of the coronavirus. People are spending weeks or months connecting remotely before saying “hello” face-to-face. Jamie, who’s in her late 50s and hadn’t dated in years, chose to start again as Covid-19 was spreading. Barb and she chatted regularly for six weeks before making plans to meet. Jamie reveals what it’s like to return to dating during the pandemic and the silver lining she discovered.


Speak the Lingo

Be up-to-date on the latest terms, acronyms and innuendos with our Modern Day Dating Dictionary.

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