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Women in their 30’s

Women in their 40’s

 Elizabeth and Tom

Elizabeth and Tom

What do you do when your biological clock is ticking and you want to be a mom, but there is no man in your life? Elizabeth decided to go it alone and was pregnant when Tom asked her to dinner. The story of what happened next should be heard by every woman who’s in a similar place in life today as Elizabeth was then.

Women in their 50’s+

Dating disappointment

Sandy and the Liverpool Dude

How do you handle things when a date you’re excited to go on leads to the ultimate dating disappointment? Sandy knows the answer. She and the Liverpool Dude had matched on Bumble. They talked for hours on the phone and texted multiple times. There was a palpable connection. She said “yes” to a first date. Listen to discover what happened next.

Podcast Organized By Guest\'s Age