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Women in their 30’s

Women in their 40’s

 Laura and Ivan

Laura and Ivan

When Laura realized she wanted a life partner, she took a project-like approach to finding love. Find out what happened when Laura and Ivan connected first through OKCupid, and then again, unintentionally, through Match.com one year later.

Women in their 50’s+

wonder whether you'll meet a man

Janine and Kevin

Do you wonder whether you’ll ever meet a man who is the right partner for the woman you’ve become? Janine did. She’d left her quarter-of-a-century marriage. When the pandemic began eight years later, she had a successful career and the wisdom that comes from decades of self-development. On our Season 4 finale, Janine shares how she approached dating as an adventure, came close to giving up on her search, and took a series of remarkable risks that has led her to the love she was seeking.

Podcast Organized By Guest\'s Age