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Navigating dating in midlife often isn’t easy. Maybe you don’t have many other single women to swap stories and advice with? Not to worry! Here you’ll find our podcast, blog and book chock-full of tales and tips shared by women like you, all to help you boost your dating skills and proceed down your path to enduring love.

First Date Stories:
Women’s Romantic and Ridiculous Midlife Adventures

The dating scene is baffling, frustrating, and isolating for too many women in midlife. First Date Stories is a collection of hopeful, hilarious, and horrific tales never before heard on the podcast. Along with dating tips and inspirational quotes by renowned women, this book reminds readers that not all first dates are created equal and that every initial encounter has the possibility to become something long-lasting and wonderful.

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Returning to dating can be tough, but it also can be a lot of fun. We’ve got all types of memorable comeback stories for you to listen to and learn from.

Discover how other widows determined they were ready to find a loving companion again, what happened when they started to date, and the heartfelt advice they have for you.

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Welcome to a place where we know what it’s like to date longer than most and what it’s like to return to the dating scene later in life. I’ve been there. And so have the many women who share their stories on the podcast and in my forthcoming book. Have a look around. Check out the episodes, or the transcripts, and subscribe. Also soak in some of the sage dating and self-care guidance that our Featured Contributors have for you. Women supporting women is such a marvelous thing!

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With the help of our Featured Contributors, we celebrate singledom, talk about self-care,
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Modern Day Dating Dictionary

Do you speak “dating”? Yep, new terms are being created so frequently that the dating scene practically has a language of its own. But we’ve got you covered. Our Modern Day Dating Dictionary is a sampling of phrases and terms you may have heard, will hear, or should know. Wouldn’t that be a helpful resource to have handy?

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