Erin and Sara

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Jodi: Hello, Erin! Thank you so much for coming on this episode to recount a memorable first state story with me.

Erin: Happy to be here.

Jodi: I am really happy to have you on the show. I know this is going to be a lot of fun.  I always like to start an episode with a guest, by having the guest give an overview of her backstory so that listeners kind of get a feel for the storyteller. Could you please share some details about yourself?

Erin: Sure. Well, my name’s Erin. I’m a joke teller. I do stand-up comedy for 20 years now. I also write for TV, which is probably a different type of guest than your listeners are usually listing too.

But yeah, I’ve sort of made it a career. I started when, in my twenties. I’m in my forties. I started out in New York city for about 10 years which I loved, absolutely loved every single day I spent in New York. And then about 13 years ago, I moved out to LA. I’m still doing up, but yeah, then sort of got into TV, writing the last four or five years.

So I worked on a show “One Day at a Time” and then the world collapsed and now we’re just trying to get back into another room writing. But basically that’s the scenario. I just made a profession of telling jokes and somehow it worked out. So, that’s it in a nutshell.

Jodi: We have needed people like you so much this past year and a half plus! Oh my goodness! I like to say that a day without laughter is a day wasted.

Erin: Oh yeah. Well, we’re going to be friends then. I can’t imagine not laughing. Everything is just, every single day it’s like something happens. You’re like, huh? How would I ever get through this small moment without just dying, laughing, because it’s life is too hard and overwhelming?

Jodi: So true. So true. Laughter is more important now than ever. It’s so healing right?

From what I understand, the story you’re going to share is going to take us back in time and then to current day. Take us back to when this first happened. What year was it?

Erin: It was 2004. I don’t know if anybody remembers 2004? (Laughter) Although I think as I get older now I just go, “Time is flying. Time is flying.” I think that’s what you start saying when you turn 40. I think it just automatically just falls out of your mouth. You just go, “Wait, is the holidays again?” I’m 80 apparently. (Laughter)  

Jodi: It’s whiplash! It’s like every year is whiplash.

Erin Foley

Erin: Yes! So yeah, 2004, I was living in Manhattan. And I had just come out of a three year relationship with my partner at the time. It was like my first kind of substantial relationship after figuring out I was gay.

So it was kind of monumental and huge. I think everyone’s first kind of like, you know, serious partners is always memorable. But when you’re gay, it’s like doubly important. Like our parents met each other. It was kind of pretty huge. It was like maybe like a month after that breakup.

So it felt like a little soon, but I was really into her and I was just thrilled to be on it. We planned a dinner date and I was thrilled to be going on it.

Jodi: Okay. How did the two of you meet? Who is this person and what’s her name?

Erin: Her name is Sara. We have some mutual friends. Yeah. Like kind of friends of friends.

I had known her, but not very well. I knew who she was. I’d probably gone out….We had our mutual friend, Jen. So I’d seen her a couple of times. I’m sure we were in the same bar one night. So I, I did know her. Not very well, but fairly well,

Jodi: Fairly well, like have a long conversation type, know her or fairly well, like, “Hi, how you doing?” walk by, know her.

Erin: Oh, definitely, stop and talk. Yeah, I remember being out with my partner at the time and we saw her at a bar and we stopped and chatted. Not close friends, but friendly and always excited to see her. And, but, you know, maybe honestly three or four times before broke up with my person. I knew her enough that I was really interested in her and I wanted to go on a day with her for sure

Jodi: Then how did the date come to be?

Erin: I think we had seen each other out maybe like a couple of weeks before that. And so we just sort of started texting and so then we just decided, okay, let’s do this, let’s go out to dinner. So it was just, it wasn’t really awkward. Like it just, it felt like, oh, well this could be something. It could be not.

I wasn’t really sure because I had this sort of epic breakup. So part of me was like…you know, I was young…so part of me was like, this is probably not a good idea. But I just wanted to…. I think I was just really sad for a long time and this was exciting and fun and it just…I just remember that feeling of, this is probably not the smartest move, but I just wanted to feel joy, you know? And so I just kind of went for it.

Jodi: Makes sense. You were coming from a dark place. You wanted some light, you wanted some fun and you wanted, at some level, you wanted a new beginning.

Erin: Yeah. Yeah. A hundred percent. Yeah. And my partner of three years was wonderful. My family loved her. We’re still in touch. She’s just like such a wonderful person. So it was doubly sad because we were just kind of just, you know…it just kind of petered out. I was just really banged up about it.

So yeah. I should have been like, okay, you got to wait like X amount of time, you know? But when you’re in your twenties, you’re like, “This sounds great. I’m just going to do.”

Jodi: Absolutely! That’s what your twenties is for, at least the first part of your twenties. (Laughter) Okay. So the evening rolls around, take us through what happens please.

Erin: Well, sometimes in standup you exaggerate, but I am not exaggerating. I was in Chelsea and she was in the West Village. We picked this really cute dinner spot, like cute, small romantic, and I’m in the West Village.

And I’m legit, like nervous sitting down because I honestly hadn’t gone out on a lot of dates before I met my girlfriend. So it, it felt like I was just like, Gay again for the first time, you know what I mean? Cause I hadn’t been, like, I was sort of like, oh, I’m gay, and then went into a relationship.

So this just kind of felt like doubly new and I just remember being really nervous. And because I was really nervous, I ordered really….you’ll understand why I ordered this…really plain food because I already have a bad stomach. I remember just getting a really plain salad and a veggie pasta, just like the plainest things on the menu.

And she ordered — and I’ll never forget this because I was literally making fun of her the entire meal — she ordered Fried Cod Balls. (Laughter) As an appetizer! I cannot make this up Fried Cod Balls and her pasta, because it was an Italian place, was Wild Boar Ragout!

Jodi: Oh my gosh, what a meal! (Laughter)

Erin: Yeah. And she’s also just like so healthy. Wow. That is a choice on our first date. Like, she’s just like, she just can eat anything.

Jodi: Right! She has a steel stomach.

Erin: I just remember being like, wow, that is like double down on the rando, you know? And I’m like I’ll have one piece of lettuce and one vegetable wrapped in a piece of pasta. (Laughter)

Jodi: You’re having  the Melba toast type meal and she’s going full on variety. Wow! Okay. So there was certainly a difference in choice when it came to food. How was the conversation and how was the rapport between the two of you?

Erin: It was wonderful. It was great. I just remember having like, such a great time.

I was teasing her nonstop about her food choices. Yeah. I just remember just feeling like, just relieved that it was going well, and she’s so easy to talk to and super interesting. And yeah, as I said, I was just really sad for a really long time. So I was definitely energized and excited and wasn’t sure where, or if this was going to go anywhere, I just remember being really happy in the moment for sure.

Jodi: That is the best sort of memory to have, right? Thinking about a moment in time and then you’re filled with happiness?

Erin: Yeah.

Jodi: You two have this wonderful rapport at dinner. The date is going really well. Take us through what happens next, please.

Erin: Okay. This is where it goes real south. So we wrap up the dinner and it’s great. Beautiful night in the West Village. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to there. It’s just a dreamboat of a place. So we’re walking through these streets and I had lived two blocks away from there for a very long time on Cornelius Street.

And all of a sudden I was not feeling well. (Laughter) My internal temperature just was like nuclear reactor. And I was like, “This isn’t, no it’s fine.” I just got real sweaty. I just remember being like, what is this? And so we walked down a couple of blocks and we’re chatting and I can’t even concentrate. Cause I’m like, something is wrong.

I do have kind of a crappy stomach. So my deli that I had known, cause I lived two blocks away from there. I was like, I’m just going to jump into this deli. And I remember saying to her “Hey, I’ll be right out. I you know, I just wanted to say hi to this guy. I haven’t seen him in a while.” Because New York delis, the people become like your family.

So you’re in and out of a deli every like 30 seconds. So I go in and I grabbed Tums and I grab a water and I’m saying hi to him. But also my back is turned to her, cause she’s like outside the deli and I’m like, literally throwing Tums down and I’m just chewing as many Tums as possible, chasing it with water. Then I go outside the deli and I’m like, that should take care of it.

Jodi: You overdosed on Tums at that moment. (Laughter)

Erin: Yeah. So I was like, I was really hoping like, you know, that would be it, but, you know, as fate would have it that wasn’t it.

So we’re walking through the West Village and I’m getting worse. I’m like, how do I do this? So I was like, okay, just keep going. And so everything’s kind of like within walking distance, her apartment is in the West Village is walking distance and we’re going up, I think she was on Greenwich or something.

We’re going up Greenwich. And I legitimately feel like I’m going to throw up. Like I have to tell her like, what’s happening. I was like, “I’m so sorry.” Like I know her, but I don’t know her know her. And I’m sweating profusely. I also thought, I can’t like walk more like, you know what I mean? So she’s like, “Well, my apartment’s right here. Do you want to go up and just like, sit down, have some water.” And I was like, “Yes!”

Jodi: Is she looking at you in distress? Is she looking at you wondering what’s going on? Is she noticing what’s happening?

Erin: Oh yeah.

Jodi: Because you’re trying to be all coy about it. I think at some point, at least earlier on.

Erin: Totally. And also like charming. This is our first date! I was like, this is going well, maybe we’ll get dessert, we’ll get a glass of wine or whatever. We’ll go to a second location, not her bathroom in her apartment. (Laughter)

So we go up the stairs, and sit down and it just like, it hit me. I was like, “you have to excuse me.” I go into the bathroom and I get violently ill, like violently ill! The type of sick where you’re like, you have to be home in your pajamas, in a safe space. You know what I mean? Like you’re ugly. Like it’s ugly! The only time it would be okay to be with someone is if you were an old married couple and like, you were like, “Oh, well this one’s it’s, it’s coming out.” It’s just, let’s just put it this way. It was not good.

Jodi: Oh, wow. So that is really brutal.  Here you are. You’re with this woman you want to get to know. You’re putting on all the charm and meanwhile, you’re saying you get up to her place and you start losing it literally. Oh my gosh! What was Sara doing while this was happening?

Erin: She was amazing, trying to do everything. I think at the beginning I was like, Don’t come in the bathroom!” This is insane!

Jodi: What are you thinking as this is happening yet?

Erin: I’m over the tub throwing up. So basically I was just like throwing up. So she then comes in and she’s putting the cold compress on my head… Well, she had Fried Cod Balls and Wild Boar Ragout just as a reminder listeners! I had a piece of lettuce and I am a hurling!

And so, this is how we spend the night. I could not leave her apartment. I slept over on the bed. Then I just finally stopped getting sick and shivering on the bed. I slept in her bed. And she was taking care of me. (Laughter)

Jodi: Oh my goodness. Wow.. What an evening never saw that you never saw coming!

Erin: Yup. I didn’t either. It’s never happened since there has never been any. Yeah, it just, it was, insane. Yeah, it was just, it was crazy.

I woke up the next morning and I was like, I need to get out of here. (Laughter) I just remember being like, I can’t get out of this apartment quick enough and it’s not because like, it didn’t go well. Like I wanted to see her again, but I was like mortified also.

I did not feel well at all. The next morning I basically ran out of her apartment, grabbed a cab, went back to my apartment and got sick the whole day in my place. But I just remember being like, this is not the morning after..

Jodi: …or the night you wanted either. Wow! The first date had this residual the next day for you, because you were still getting rid of what you put into your body.

Erin: Yeah, I was supposed to be performing. I had a college show on Friday night and another college show on Saturday night, two different colleges in Pennsylvania, and I was supposed to rent a car Friday and drive and do those gigs, And I couldn’t.  

Jodi: Was this Thursday?

Erin: That was a Thursday night. Yeah, so Friday had to cancel my show and then Saturday, she wound up calling. This is how nice she is. She checks on me on Friday and I’m like, “I had to cancel my gig.” And these, by the way, these gigs, they paid a lot of money and canceling was an inconceivable because when you’re starting out doing stand up and you do a college gig, it’s like, it probably paid like $1,500.

But back in the day, That felt like 15 grand, you know? So it was horrible that I had to cancel on Friday. But this is how nice she was. Saturday morning, I still felt terrible, but I was okay. She rented a car, picked me up and drove to Pennsylvania so I could do the college gig.

Jodi: She did?

Erin: Yep!

Jodi: Wow!

Erin: Isn’t that amazing?

Jodi: That is amazing! You got to totally stick in her apartment in her bathroom. And she, instead of being so turned off by the whole thing, like doubled down and went further on into it with you to help you out. That’s incredible!

Erin: Yeah, I know.

Jodi: That’s really something. That says a lot about her.

Erin: For sure. Yeah. She’s a rock star. Yeah. I just couldn’t believe it. I was like, I can’t believe she reached out, you know what I mean? When you’re getting sick, you’re literally at your ugliest. You know, it’s something you don’t want to share with for a very, very long time or literally ever!

Jodi: Ever! (Laughter)

Erin: You know, maybe that’s like a bonding experience in year seven, not on date night one!

Jodi: For sure! Where did things go with Sara from there?

Erin: So we wound up dating for about three months and it was wonderful.

I honestly like, I, I was really into her. It was going really well. The only issue was this at, like, you know, around three months you sort of have to like go all in or all out. You know what I mean? There’s like kind of that time period where you just know, okay, this is headed..this is like the point where you’re like, I need to be in love with this person, or like, it’s not going to work type of thing just to keep going.

And I always knew, like, she like the type of person where you commit this isn’t something. You take lightly or you’re just like, oh, it’ll be a fling or a bit, you know what I mean? She’s such a substantial person and I just couldn’t do it because I had just gotten out of that three year relationship.

And I just felt like I couldn’t, you know, like I really just couldn’t commit and put everything that I needed to put in. And I just realized I just was kind of cracking and I just needed to be alone. So we broke up. We kind of broke it off and I just remember being like super, really, really bummed out about it because she was perfect. I just, the timing was just absolutely terrible.

A couple months later, I remember trying to call her to try to sort of get her back and she had started dating someone. And that was it. And then I was single for quite a while because I really needed to be. And so I, it was a good decision at the time.

It was just excruciating because there was sort of nothing wrong. I just knew I just, when you have it in you, you have it in you. And if you don’t, you don’t. So that was it. We broke up and yeah, that sort of ended that chapter.

Jodi: From what you’re saying, I’m taking away, not only did you need time to be taken care of you and figure out where you were at, but it kind of seems as though you didn’t feel like you could be fully present for her and be all who she deserved and be able to give her everything that she should have with you in a relationship. Is that an accurate read?

Erin: I mean a hundred percent you make some dumb decisions with relationships in your life. I certainly have. But I knew with her, you either go a hundred percent or you don’t, you know what I mean? Like, it wouldn’t be like fair. Like she’s, she’s like an All Star.

She’s like A+. You know what I mean? Like you don’t, you don’t just kind of casually date her. You can casually date people, but not her. She’s like the full package, you know what I mean? So she deserves like a hundred percent of someone and I just couldn’t do it. And I knew it. I was so bummed out, but I was like, I cannot mess…I was, I was heading down where I was going to be disappointing her and not giving her what she needs.  I could see it coming. And I was like, I feel like if I cut it off now, like we can still be. In touch and it won’t be awful. It’ll just be sad for a little bit. And so that’s sort of where we left it.

Jodi: It was a gesture of love, what you did.

Erin: Well let’s just say I’ve handled a lot of things poorly in my life, but I tried at that moment to do the best I could, because I just was like obsessed with her. You know what I mean? I felt like as painful as it was, I did do the right thing. And there were many times where I did the wrong thing. So yeah, in….

Jodi: In the years after.

Erin: Oh Yes. Yes. So many epic fails. We don’t have enough time…

Jodi: …and we won’t go into them right now. But we’ve all had epic fails, I think in relationships. So you’re not alone in that.  

Now fast forward us to more recent times and let’s pick up the story.

Erin:  The fast forwarding is I saw her a couple times before I left Manhattan. She was dating someone. It was just like “Hi’s” here and there, but just always just like her biggest fan. And then I’ve done a lot, a ton of traveling with standup. And she lived, she wound up living in Portland for about five years.

So I saw her in Portland probably, 2011, 2012. We did have one night of romance in 2011 or 2012, but then, you know, I was in LA and she was in Portland. But we sort of just kind of always stayed in touch loosely. And then in 2017, she had moved back to New York City. I was performing in New York City. Our mutual friend brought her out to a show. And we reconnected basically in June of 2017.

That whole summer I was back and forth, trying to convince her to date me. She was like, “No.” And then she was dealing with kind of a relationship. I was kind of in and out of something. And then basically January of 2018, I put like a full court press.

It was really cold in Manhattan. And I was like, “It’s so beautiful in LA, just come out here for a weekend.: So I couldn’t believe it. But she said, “Yes.” So late February of 2018, she came out and stayed with me for a weekend. We had like the greatest time ever! And we’ve been together ever since.

Jodi: Wow! You two really had a lot of touch points through the years and you realized this woman was for you and you wanted to have her in your life. And it took bad weather in New York to ultimately push her to come on out and see you “anew.” What was that second first date, shall we say, like when she came out to LA and in 2018? Did you get, did you take her out? Did you guys go out one night for an official first date out? Take us through that.

Erin: Yeah. She came out, so we, we went to….I had tickets to see a show, so I was like, all right, we’ll do dinner.

And then we’ll see the show. And we had a glass of wine. It’s something like four or something because it was Saturday and it was beautiful outside and we were just talking and talking. Then we had another glass of wine. And then we just had like an appetizer or something that we came back to my house at like six.

And we realized that we didn’t want to go cause you’re just chatting also, like now two glasses of wine really gets to me and she was just like, “I can’t go out.” So we never went to dinner or went to the concert. We just holed up and watched a movie. It felt like we had been dating for like 10 years. It was incredibly sweet.

But the next day I was like, okay, I’ve got to do something. So we went to the beach the next day, cause I was like, I have to give her the full California. So we went to a beautiful beach in LA and I took her out to this awesome fish taco place right in in Malibu. And we just had the best day ever.

But Saturday night was also epically sweet because we’re old enough and had known each other for enough time of like, “Do we want to even back out?” And we were like, “No.” I think she like literally fell asleep, watching a movie. It was just something really adorable.

Jodi: You two were comfortable together from the start of the second round of you being together. So in 14 years, how had you changed when it came to relationship?

Erin: I think I had changed quite a lot. I think I was just really at the point in my life where I really wanted to settle down. I had been dating a couple other people long distance because just the nature of my work I had met people in San Francisco and Vegas. I don’t know. It was just a lot of moving around. It was a lot of, kind of life in motion and roller coaster. And then when I got into like the TV writing worlds, I was, I don’t know, I just felt older. I wanted to work during the day I wanted to get off the road.

And so it was just kind of what I wanted to do, sort of really helped push me into the area of wanting to settle down with someone. And, and it was crazy because she was in New York and I was in LA. So we did do long distance for two years, but it was with her and she had a very flexible job. So she’d meet me in different cities for shows.

But there was something that just changed in me that I was like, oh, I am all in. I’d felt like I was ready to be all in with someone, but then when I reconnected with her, I was like, oh my God. It was just like, you know, when people are like, oh, when you know, you know, when you’re like, Ugh, whatever, I hate that expression so much! But I really felt like it’s true.

Jodi: Right? It’s an old adage that is annoying as heck until you experience it. And then it becomes your truth.

Erin: Yeah, it’s something I’ve definitely made fun of on stage for probably a decade. And then I had to eat my words. It’s hard to explain, but there is something that just like, I just kind of felt like I crossed over and I was like, oh, it’s her and I will literally do anything. I mean, the amount of cleaning I do, like, like literally I, I literally was like, I’ll do anything like anything. And that’s when I feel like, you know. I had a felt like I sort of had those moments in 2004, but our lives were just so different. And I for sure don’t think we would have,,,, something would have happened.

because I was really immature and my whole career was stand up. And so strangely enough, the, the terrible timing really worked out.

Jodi: I love that “doing anything” in your mind is cleaning. (Laughter)

Erin: Being neat, organized, knowing where stuff is, these are my worst traits. And now I’m like, well yeah.

Jodi: If you do the math 2018, two years long distance takes us to 2020 when the two of you must’ve come together and lived together somewhere based on how you just set this up. So we all know what 2020 turned out to be, and that timing was really quite something! Share how that all transpired, please.

Erin: Yeah. You know, just like we planned it, (Laughter) You know, we planned to move in together on February 1st, 2020, and then we planned 30 days later to be just under epic lockdown for, well over a year. That was insane! But so thankful.

My job is here for X amount of years so she was kind of over New York City anyway. So I’ve convinced her – I tricked her –  into moving to LA. It’s like a joke. I say. It’s like, when you’re in a long distance relationship, you always go, “God, I wish we had some more times. I wish I wish that’s an extra dates together.” And then yeah, ALL of them…

Jodi: …and more!

Erin: And more! So that’ll test your relationship.

Jodi: Yeah. But you were just talking about this relationship and it’s now 2021. So you and Sara have navigated your way through that intense time together.

Erin: Yeah, she is a gold medalist. If you can go under, if you can be in lockdown with the out of work stand-up comic, you deserve a gold medal and like a lifetime supply of dates to the spa, which I will be paying for. (Laughter)

No. She was amazing. I, we were both saying the whole time, like what if we had been doing the long distance? And honestly it was great. I mean, the world was collapsing and this person that I had been obsessed with for so long was in my house and she couldn’t go anywhere. (Laughter) It was pretty….honestly, it was really great.

Jodi: That is, that is one way to look at it for sure, and a positive one. Well, Erin, you’ve been on quite a journey here to get you to this place with Sara. I’m curious what you learned about dating from your years of dating. Any sort of like summary takeaway that you’d have for listeners, advice wise, would be great

Erin: Well, I definitely made a lot of mistakes along the way, but I have to say now looking back, it’s like, you have to make them. You have to, you have to have some real epic failures. Because, you know, it’s the only way you learn and for me it was just kind of a late bloomer. And I think it’s probably the, the gay thing.

Like most people, I feel like…..let’s just say, straight people….they start dating when they’re like, I don’t know, in high school and 15 or 16. So by the time you his 30 or 35 I feel like you’ve worked at a lot of kinks. But for me, it was like mid-to-late twenties where I just started sort of dating and, you know, Irish, Catholic family, no communication skills.

You push all your feelings down until your ankles give out. I was a hot mess for like a while, you know? So I’m just going to apologize to everybody I’ve ever dated here, publicly on your podcast. But you know, it’s just one of these things where you just feel like, oh my God, you’re never going to meet someone.

You have so much kind of heartache along the way. Then you’re just kind of gathering all these skills and what to do and what not to do and what works and what doesn’t work. And, and then, I think hopefully everyone has that chance where you meet this person and you go, as I said, it’s just sort of like a switch flipped, right?

Jodi: It all flipped on its head.

Erin: You know what? Yeah. You know what I mean? Something clicks over and you go, oh, everything I’ve ever done in, you know, in my life, everyone I’ve ever dated — and I’m not exaggerating — every moment has sort of led me here. Now don’t screw this up!

And I needed all those experiences to kind of learn and to get me where I’m at today. Now it just becomes, the work becomes every day, trying to keep her, (Laughter) in a non-creepy “I’ve got a van type of way.” Just try to be the best partner you can be.

Jodi: You had an epiphany really at some point that all of those challenges screw ups and positive things that happen in relationships along the way to this point in time were meant to happen, so you could be in this relationship with Sara as the woman you are.

Erin: There’s a lot of, we’ve all experienced this. Like there’s, there’s a lot of highs. And then there’s just, I think when it comes to like matters of the heart, there’s like epic lows, you know? And you go, how am I going to get through this?

I remember thinking, breaking up with someone before her being like, I know that person wasn’t right for me, but I just remember just getting older and being like, “Wow, you know, if I ever meet someone, I’m going to be, I’m going to feel like I’m not going to take it for granted.” I just remember thinking that I will not take this for granted because I know how painful these breakups are and these experiences are.

And you know, you have to have these moments. Now when I’m with Sara, I don’t take it for granted cause I know the other side. But if you have to go through it, you can’t really see that when you’re in the mud face down in a bottle of Pinot Grigio in a corner of a bar.

Jodi: You cannot, but you got that perspective. You just shared that perspective that takes a heck of a long time to accumulate in life.

Erin: Yeah. I mean, some people like out of the gates, they’re like I met my person. I’m twenty-two and you’re like, “Great Claire! Fantastic!”

That was not my journey. So I’m very happy that hopefully this is the happy ending, but it took a village, as they say,

Jodi: It’s a stellar story. Thank you for sharing it. It’s a story about being ready for love. It’s a story about second chances, and it’s a story about being true to yourself and being fully ready for the person who you are forming and creating and going forward in life with. So thank you for coming on this episode to share that journey with me and with the listeners. It’s been a lot of fun to talk it through.

Erin: Yeah, well, you’re so easy to talk to. And if you ever get a chance to have a combination of Fried Cod Balls and Wild Boar Ragout, I guess jump in? (Laughter)

Jodi: I will keep that in mind, but I don’t think I’m going to do it because I have your type of stomach. (Laughter)

Erin: It’s just really fun and sweet to think about this story and how it began to where it’s now. So thanks for letting me share it.

Jodi: Absolutely. It’s been great.

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