A Gift to Yourself During the Pandemic

Your body is a magnificent storehouse of wisdom, magic, love, sensuality, divine connection and so much more. She is your beloved, and has fifty two trillion cells, each cell being conscious and alive. She is the gift your spirit has been given to experience this magnificent life.

But your body needs your love and care. She yearns for your attention, compassion and touch. She’s tired of being abandoned – let alone from others – but most of all from you.

During this pandemic, we’ve been given the special gift of time for simply focusing on what matters.

Take the time to talk to your body, asking her for what she needs. 

As a mother would take care of her child, constantly asking herself (or her little one), “Darling, what are you needing? Do you need to sleep? Do you want to cry? Do you want to simply play? What kind of food will nourish your tiny, beautiful body?” She plays with her child, caresses her hair, and calls her sweetheart.

That’s what your body wants from you. She doesn’t want to be abandoned anymore. She wants to know that you’re there for her, always. As her mother, father, lover, sister.

Be in tune with your body, taking all the time in the world, as if nothing else matters.

What foods does she like and nourish her? What kind of rest and exercise is soothing for nervous system? What relationships and activities energize versus drain her? What stimulation does she need, or does she just need quiet and still? What kind of spiritual or self-care practices make her feel whole and grounded?

It may actually be a lot different from the life you’re living today. We’re so used to living for others, and being preoccupied by our work and relationships.

Yet when you develop this kind of intimate relationship with your body, you become a radiant Love Goddess.

Slowly, you will heal old abandonment wounds, and you will truly begin to feel a divine connection with your body and soul. You will develop a strong intuition and inner compass that will help guide you through this world, versus relying on others’ opinions and validation. You’ll become more confident about asking for what you need and your cup will feel full.

You’ll even attract a partner who will not abandon you. After all, your world is your mirror, and the way you love yourself is how others will love you.

Here’s a meditation you can do each morning to tune into your body:
  1. Take ten, slow inhales and exhales, focusing on your breath.
  2. Bring your attention to your heart. Thank her for her presence, love and wisdom, and all the other life-giving gifts she brings.
  3. Ask her for what she wants and needs.
  4. Then, go to the different parts of your body, starting from your head, down to your feet, bringing your awareness, having gratitude for each part for their role, and asking for what the body part needs.

This can last 15 minutes, or you can turn it into a whole one hour meditation! I love this meditation. For bonus points, you can add the healing power of touch – touch each body part while doing the practice.

Be there for whatever feelings arise. In the beginning, you might feel a sense of joy or maybe some grief, because your body is finally getting what you’ve been missing your whole life. Don’t abandon your feelings, simply be there and validate them.

Your body will finally get what it’s been longing for your whole life – your presence and attention. And a knowing that you won’t be abandoned anymore.

Because you deserve it, Love Goddess.

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