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Welcome. I’m Jodi Klein, the host of this podcast and the founder of There are a lot of podcasts to choose from these days. Thank you for checking this one out.

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So, why create a podcast about first date stories?

Every woman who’s gone on a first date has a story to tell. But when you’re dating later in life, it’s more likely that you don’t have as many girlfriends who are also in the dating scene as you did when you were in your 20s. And since the pace and demands of life only seem to increase as we age, your female friends may simply have less time to be there for you — to just listen, give advice and have your back.

This podcast is what I wished existed when I was dating in my late 30s, and well into my 40s. I was the woman I just described. I dated for 26 years after college. Call me a “seasoned dater.” As each year passed, I knew fewer and fewer women my age who were still logging onto dating sites or going out on blind dates. My feelings of isolation and frustration grew. At the same time, I was, and continue to be, blessed, with amazing group of girlfriends who I cherish. But most of them had understandably moved on to a different stage of life.

Where were all those other women who had been dating for decades as I had, or who had returned to the dating world after the end of a committed relationship? There was nothing that existed to bring us together, to share our dating tales and inspire us to keep showing up for first dates.

Now there is. If you are in your late 30s, 40s, 50s or beyond, this podcast is for you. Each episode, you’ll hear a real woman talk candidly about a first date she’s been on, from the wildly successful to the completely disastrous and everything in between. Listening to these women will make you a wiser, in-the-know dater as they share their experiences and the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

We’ve also created, where you can connect with other women about the episodes, read more stories and share your first date tales.

While you’re at the website, don’t miss the articles by relationship, dating and self-care coaches, download our “First Date Do’s and Don’ts” doc and check out our modern-day dating dictionary.

When I was 47, I met a man at a business event. For me it was all about business that evening until I was completely surprised when he asked me what my relationship status was. I almost choked on the appetizer I was eating! Within a few weeks, I had fallen in love with him. It was a love unlike any I’d ever experienced. It was the love I had been seeking all those years. We got married when I was 49, three months shy of my 50th birthday.

I felt about myself as I feel about every woman — that we’re all worthy and deserving of enduring love. So, keep showing up at the starting line. Keep showing up for first dates and enjoy the episodes to come. If you like what you hear, please tell other women you know.

Thanks for listening.

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