The Springtime Self-Care Staycation

With the pandemic still underway, a springtime staycation (vacation without travel), or personal retreat, is a fabulous way to refresh and rejuvenate. Treat yourself to an experience of renewal, nurturing and growth. A self-care staycation is an opportunity to listen and reconnect with who you are and what you want, a re-centering, and a time for new beginnings.

It can be as effortless as a stroll through your local town, engaging with nature, or mindfully spending time at home with fresh, creative perspective.

What might a self-care staycation of your own design include? Whether you set aside a few hours or an entire day, solo or with a friend, here are some suggestions:

Plant a container garden with tulips. Bike down an unfamiliar side street. Hike along a trail in the woods. Picnic. Hear the song of a returning bird. Find shapes in the clouds. Learn from a tree. Nap. Journal.

Try a recipe that inspires you. Really taste your food. Choose a new fruit or vegetable to cook with. Sip tea from a beautiful cup. Drink water infused with mint, cucumber and lemon. Refine your diet. Cleanse. Indulge.

Explore your neighborhood commerce, imagining that each storefront is a present to be opened. Notice the feeling you get simply by crossing the threshold. Welcome hellos.

Browse bookshelves. Select a hand-poured candle for your bedroom. Slather yourself with luxurious hand cream that smells like green grass. Find an object you love for display in a prominent place. Paint your toes Nude Beach pink.

Join the exercise class that’s been calling your name. Practice yoga. Meditate. Get massaged. Dance and make music. Straighten your spine. Brighten your smile. Love your body.

Indulge in “earring therapy” and support a local artisan. Treat yourself to an art class or mind-expanding workshop. Mold clay. Grab your camera in search of imagery that makes your heart flutter.

Take deep cleansing breaths of sweet spring air, and with each exhalation, be open to receiving abundance.

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