Love Begins with You

Love Begins with You

Every day, I meet women who don’t really, truly love themselves. In fact, by my own estimate, nearly 99% of women don’t.

Whether you are single and actively dating, have taken a pause because of the pandemic, work long hours, support needy friends or family, are in a difficult relationship, are overwhelmed by the impact that Covid has had on your life, or are a mother busy with childcare, there is a very good chance that you have forgotten to take care of yourself.

If any of the above are true, there’s a high likelihood that you will struggle with thyroid issues, constant fatigue, lowered immunity, dissatisfying relationships, sexual trauma, illness in your sexual organs, lack of financial abundance, low self-worth, a feeling of victim-hood… the list goes on.

This is depressing, given that girls and women are the most loving, strongest, giving people on this planet. We give birth to life, take care of others, infuse our homes and the world with beauty, are constantly multi-tasking and outperform our male peers in both school and work.

We are fiercely loving, powerful beings. And yet, the feminine is dying inside.

I’ve seen this in bright-eyed, beautiful, little girls – and I feel sad to know that over time, they will lose their confidence. (According to research, nearly 86% of girls struggle with low self-worth.)

This is the result of being in a Wounded Patriarchal system, which we have all been born into. Don’t worry. Men struggle with similar, but different issues.

You have a choice now to leave this system, slowly and steadily and start regaining control of your life. Start living a life of grace, wonder and healthy love.

As a women, you need to be reawakened to your Goddess self – recognizing how powerful and radiant you are – and that you can have ANYTHING you want (without struggle) if you love yourself, completely and unapologetically. 

The way you love yourself is the way others love you.

This is what I stand for, with myself and sisters in my tribe.

What is Self-Love?

Whenever I ask someone if they love themselves, they say, “Yeah, I pamper myself!  I go to the spa, do bubble baths, get a mani/pedi regularly.”

I swear – this is the answer I get!

Self-Love is not just about taking care of your appearance. It’s about taking care of your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health. It’s a journey of releasing old conditioning and healing yourself, to finally reach a point of True Self and Authenticity. 

When you fill your own cup first before giving to others, instead of feeling resentful, overwhelmed or guilty, as one normally does when they’re stretched, you feel radiant and joyful.

Through Self-Love, you start to align your life with one that feels natural, balanced, loving – you feel whole and integrated – and are connected to your intuition, inner fire and a sense of unconditional love. Compassion, wisdom and grace become second nature for you.

The right relationships, jobs, homes, begin to flow to you.

You learn how to BE more, and DO less. You become a Magnet for Love.

Doesn’t this sound amazing?

Or do you feel skeptical, like it’s too good to be true?

Maybe there’s a part of you that knows that Self-Love takes focus, effort and discipline – a sense of responsibility for yourself. And you feel lazy, or too burned out already.

Or, you may have to experience some discomfort. For instance, making tough decisions of letting go of a current job or relationship, or letting go of conditioning that comes second nature to you, or healing spiritual blocks that you don’t want to face.

All are true. Self-Love will shake up your world, challenge you, and take you out of victim-hood. It will also make you stronger, healthier, and open up new possibilities.

You must make a choice. Either go with how things are, currently – or begin to practice Self-Love.

How to Love Yourself

When you love yourself…

… You treat yourself as a beloved. You practice acceptance, love, intimacy and forgiveness with yourself

… You have spaciousness and tools to support your emotional health, become more connected to yourself, and release your emotional baggage

… You release negative self-talk, and begin to heal your mind. You stop seeking validation and approval from others

… You care for your soul and what she needs, whether it’s meditation, yoga, self-reflection, healing spiritual blocks, creativity

… You love, accept and care for your body, owning it’s sacredness. You observe the conditions that are optimal to help your body thrive

… You set healthy boundaries with others and begin to release toxic, codependent relationships

… You observe your conditioning, setting an intention to release inner wounds that keep you gridlocked in your current situation

Imagine what you could create with that kind of inner foundation! And remember, loves begins with you!

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