Single at Christmas? How to Survive the Holidays When Spending Them Alone

2020 has been a year for the books, to say the least.

You may be completely exhausted and overwhelmed by all that has happened throughout this year – just like the rest of us! And now the holiday season is arriving in the midst of a pandemic. Good grief!

You are entering the holiday season as a single woman and then to throw on top of that, there are no in-person holiday parties, no Christmas concerts, and fewer festive outings in general. Let’s not stress over what this Christmas season won’t have, and instead turn things around to focus on what we do have.

Here are three easy ways you can survive, and even thrive, during the holidays when spending them alone.

  1. Pre-Plan Some Time for YOU: There are many ways to bring fulfillment to your own individual life. The holiday season is a beautiful time to give to others and allow their gratitude to bring you joy. You could volunteer to serve a holiday meal or even wrap gifts. If you don’t have children of your own, why not adopt a family or a child at Christmas and give the joy of gift-giving?  When you start to fill your days or weekends with things that still bring you so much happiness, the holiday season can feel less lonely. Consider taking a solo day trip and exploring a new location. Let’s not forget the fun of binging the holiday movie classics.

  1. Master The Questions from Family: So many singles fear all the questions that come to you about your love life during the holidays. Instead of dreading the inevitable, be ready to respond with confidence. Your family just cares about your happiness and wants the best for you and they know finding lasting love is important to you. This is your chance to shine and share all the good you have been doing for YOU. You can discuss your current hobbies, strategies for coping with the pandemic, or even new initiatives you are working on. Remember that the way you discuss your love life is how others will perceive it. Radiate your confidence about where your life is currently and let others feel your warmth.

  1. Continue to Date: Being single during the holidays can leave a bad taste in your mouth – but it can also be a really great time to meet men. It could also be fun to get out and look at the Christmas lights with a hot coffee and a cute guy. With some additional time on your hands, it can be a powerful opportunity to take advantage of by updating your dating profile, taking some new pictures, and connecting with new potential dates. The holiday season doesn’t have to leave you in a dry spell. As I remind my clients, it starts with you! If you have a positive outlook and also get creative with how to handle it, you may start to view being single during the holidays with a different perspective.

While there may still be times where the holiday season can feel lonely, there are also many other ways you can fill it with joy and happiness. Take these three tips into your own hands and turn being single into a unique time where you can grow and learn more about yourself!

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